step 2

How soon does the care need to start?

Please let us know when you'd like the care to start so that care providers can make the necessary arrangements.

The start date does not need to be exact - it just helps give providers an indication so they can arrange suitable resources.

Within seven days

Within one month

At a later date

step 3

Is short-term or ongoing care needed?

Short term care is usually required where temporary care is required to help recover from an illness or injury or where a regular carer is being temporarily replaced.

Ongoing care is usually required where care is needed for the foreseeable future. Please do not worry if this requirement changes as care can be reduced or canceled at a later stage.

step 4

More details about care needs

If you don't know the number of care hours per week or what exactly will be required, please make a best guess. Don't worry, this can always be changed at a later date. This information will help care agencies understand your care needs.

step 5

How will the care be funded?

We would like to know this information so that care providers can offer suitable rates, tailored to your funding needs.

Privately funded

Local authority funded

I don't know yet

step 6

Please provide more details about the person needing care

We ask for these details so that care agencies can personalise their offers of care for you.

This person won't be contacted by anyone.

step 7

Is there any more information you'd like to share?


Please use this box to let us know about any important information that the person receiving care would like providers to know, such as: "they only prefer female carers, they have a strict dietary requirement".

step 8

Who should we send the care options to?


Using the information you have given us, we will find you a tailored selection of care options and their prices, with absolutely no obligation. You can then decide which care agencies to contact - no care agencies will contact you unless you ask them to.