step 2

How soon does the care need to start?

The availability of care homes can vary depending on when the care needs to start.

If you don't know exactly when the care needs to start, please make the best guess. Don't worry, this can always be changed at a later date.

Within seven days

Within one month

At a later date

step 3

Is permanent or respite care needed?

Respite care may be needed because of situations such as temporary illness or injury, recovery from a hospital visit or holiday cover for a regular caregiver.

Permanent care is for when care is needed for the foreseeable future, for degenerative conditions or for care needs that are likely to become more demanding as time progresses.

If you don’t know exactly how long you’ll need the care to last, please make the best guess. Don't worry, this can always be changed at a later date.

Care for a known amount of time, like after an operation or while the primary carer is on holiday

Care that is needed permanently and indefinitely

step 4

What kind of home is required?


Care provided by trained staff in a residential setting


Nurses are on staff to administer complex care requirements

Dementia Residential

Staff and facilities specifically for those living with dementia

Dementia Nursing

Facilities and trained dementia nursing staff on hand at all times

I'm not sure - show all

If you don't know, we'll show you all options.

step 5

How will the care be funded?

We'll use this information to tailor your search results.

Privately funded

Local authority funded

I don't know yet

step 6

Tell us where you'd like to search for care homes

We ask for these details so we can show care homes in the right location, which are relevant to the type of care that is required.

You won't be contacted by care homes directly - you will see their listing and can choose to contact them.

step 7

Who should we send the care options to?


Using the information you have given us, we will provide you a tailored list of care homes and their prices, with absolutely no obligation. You can then decide which care homes to contact - no care home will contact you unless you ask them to.